Hi, I’m Chris and I just might be the creative Swiss Army knife you need to elevate your next presentation and move people to action.


For over ten years now I’ve worked in advertising, marketing and design. In that time, I noticed that ad agencies both large and small tend to treat presentation design differently. They pass it off to junior designers and treat it like second class work. Whether its the big keynote at the annual investment meeting or the sales presentation for your next big product, my team will treat it like the world changing creative that it can be. I’ve got a broad network of top shelf writers, designers and other creatives who are eager to show you what we can do together.

Founder, Chris Chakonas


Recent presentation Design Work



Whether you are giving a keynote presentation in front of hundreds or need help explaining Genetics to 9th graders, we can help.

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Identity Design

Ciao Bella Luce Catering & Events needed a new look to go after a big new account.